CALL FOR CANDIDATES – Dear Pathways Members and Partners,

Have you ever thought that you – or someone you know – would be a great addition to the Board of a non-profit organization?  We are accepting expressions of interest to join the Pathways Board of Directors.  The Board has ten positions in total and we are looking for qualified individuals.  In particular, we are looking for individuals who have experience with support, legal issues or advocacy.  Please contact Executive Director, Feri Dehdar,  for more information.

Sincerely,  Nominating Committee, Pathways Board of Directors


Pathways Board of Directors

Don PavlovichDon Pavlovich | President

Don, now retired, has 28 years experience in securing capital for companies, specifically mining. He served as president & executive director on several junior mining companies.  As a lover of arts and  culture,  he’s  ventured  into  the  film  industry (A Last Train Picture Production) and now as an Executive Producer, co-produces  projects  he  believes  in.  As a graduate of the family to family education course, Don firmly believes in what this society represents.


Janice LilleyJanice Lilley | Past President

Janice was first introduced to the Pathways eight years ago when looking for help for her ill sister. “Through the Family to Family course I gained the knowledge, understanding, and strength to change the downward trajectory of events,” Janice says. “The darkest days are behind us now . Our lives have improved and my sister’s life was saved.”  An architect by profession, she enjoys the creativity, complexities, and teamwork, and delivering successful results.

Shirley Chan | Vice President | Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

As a YWCA Woman of Distinction, Shirley Chan has an impressive work history in public and not-for- profit management, community engagement, strategic planning and economic development.  With her vast experience and extensive network of people and resources, Shirley is a fierce advocate for her daughter and a welcomed asset to Pathways as co-chair of the fundraising committee and board director.

Mary-Margaret Gaye | Treasurer

Mary-Margaret was first introduced to Pathways years ago through a Circle of Strength luncheon. Members’ stories made it clearly evident the society offered strong support to those dealing with mental illness in their families and that the need for such support was overwhelming. Mary-Margaret joined the Board in 2019 and brings 25 years of experience working for government and farm organizations – managing programs, conducting research and providing advice to Fraser Valley vegetable farmers.  She retired as the executive director of the BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association and now brings her expertise to Pathways.

Gillian SantoGillian Santo | Secretary | Events Committee Chair

In the fall of 2008, following her daughter’s quite lengthy depression, Gillian enrolled in the Family to Family course.  “I was so grateful for the comfort which came from becoming educated in some of the mysteries of mental illness that when the course ended, I felt a great desire to give something back.” In the spring of 2009, she became a member of the Pathways Fundraising Committee and helped the Society launch its first Circle of Strength luncheon in North Vancouver.

Kim Thomas

Kim Thomas | Director

Kimberly, along with her husband, enrolled in the Family to Family course in the fall of 2014.  Kimberly went on to teach the Family to Family course In Port Coquitlam, in the spring and fall of 2015 and continues to teach.  She is an advocate for better support to both people dealing with mental illness and their families. She joined the Pathways board in 2016 “as a way of giving back and helping others that are facing the challenges of mental illness within a family.”

Pat MurrayPatricia Murray | Director | Advocacy Committee Chair

Patricia first came in contact with the Pathways when she noticed a brochure for the Family Support Centre while taking her son to an appointment at the Kitsilano Mental Health Team in late 2014.  She had heard of the society but wrongly assumed she was not eligible for our services, as she did not live on the North Shore, and her son did not have schizophrenia. “I telephoned and found out they were having Family to Family classes in Vancouver so I signed up for the January 2015 sessions that were expertly taught by members Janice Lilley and Arlene Kennedy. I learned so much and felt such comfort being in a room full of people who were going through similar experiences and sharing them”. Tragically Patricia lost her son to suicide this past year.  This terrible loss has fueled her desire to advocate for others, hopeful for a better future for their loved ones.

Joe Gormley

Joe Gormley | Director | Membership Committee Chair

Joe was first introduced to the Pathways through the Family to Family course.  The Family to Family course provided me with the knowledge and tools to better understand and help my family members with this illness.  The value of the program provided by the Pathways inspired me to contribute by offering to serve on the board.  Joe Gormley has served on the board of directors of several other organizations, including Nelson and District Credit Union, Northern BC Crisis Centre, Point Roberts Yacht Club, and Surrey Trekkers Volkssport Club.  Professionally Joe has worked for Public Works and Government Services Canada for over 30 years in real estate specializing in Aboriginal consultation.


 Special Advisers to the Board – 2017-2018

Steve WattSteve Watt – Retired Police Officer

Steve Watt past president of the Pathways, has an extensive background in police work and a personal understanding of how mental illness can impact families.  Steve has 35 years of experience in policing, 25 of which have been dedicated to the training, development, and education of police officers in British Columbia and internationally, including the Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean. He now provides consulting services to government on police related issues.As a 2014 graduate of the Family-to-Family education course, Steve believes it changed the way he communicates with his adult son with bipolar disorder. “There is less stress for the whole family,” says Steve. “There is a focus on the future, in healing, and in finding solutions. I believe the unique education we receive from the Family-to-Family course helps us understand the past, deal with the present, and prepare for the future.”