Our annual Circle of Strength (COS) luncheon usually takes place in April or May. COS has been Pathways SMIS’ main fundraiser for approximately 15 years, raising between $35,000-$50,000. Historically, this money has made possible the provision of our Family-to-Family Course and our weekly support groups, all at no cost to those who use and benefit from these services.

Pathways SMIS Circle of Strength 2018

Previously, the Circle of Strength luncheon has been transformational for us and our service-users as we continue to raise awareness of mental illness and raise much needed funds to expand our services to those who need them. As Pathways SMIS navigates the fundraising challenges posed by COVID-19, we rely on critical and generous donations more than ever to continue to provide support without charge to families.

January 2021 Update: Given the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak, Pathways SMIS is not currently hosting in-person fundraising events at this time. We appreciate your shared concern and respect for our current global situation.

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