ADVOCACY ALERT:  B.C.’s Mental Health Act is under siege. Response to Civil Claim – Filed by Attorney General of BC – Nov. 10, 2016

Let your Member of the BC Legislative Assembly (MLA) know your opinion on this issue. The link to the govt. site where you can find e-mail addresses:

Pathways actively advocates for timely treatment of those with serious mental illness.

We help families overcome obstacles that are thrown in their way, and advocate for families to be included as members of the treatment team, with a sharing of appropriate information between professionals and family members.

We also advocate for involuntary committal where appropriate, so that a person suffering from psychosis, with no insight into his or her own condition and hence spurning treatment, will get the help that they need and be freed from the grip of their illness.

The Pathways has been in the forefront of defending provisions in our legislation that do allow for such help.

The Society’s four pillars of advocacy include:

We also have an archive past editions of the Pathways Advocacy Bulletin.