What are Pathways SMIS School Presentations?
Our school presentations, also known as First Hand Stories, consist of a panel of two or three guest speakers – a person with a psychiatric diagnosis, a family member and, when available, a mental health professional. Each presenter describes his or her own personal experience with a serious mental illness.

School Presentations use storytelling to tell the experience of serious mental illness in a moving and direct way. There is also a question and answer section of the presentation.

Where do Pathways SMIS School Presentations take place?
These presentations are available to secondary and postsecondary students. Pathways gives special priority to Capilano University and North Shore and Sea-to-Sky high schools.

Why are school presentations so helpful?
– they evoke thoughtful audience response and participation
Рthey demystify serious mental illness by providing up-to-date information on their causes and features 
– they help fight ignorance, prejudice and old Hollywood myths
they help people whose relatives, friends or partners are ill to further understand serious mental illness
– they open the floor for discussing how to cope with serious mental illness within the family and in society
– they raise awareness of serious mental illness

In 2020, we:
visited 6 schools
had 9 speakers
and 508 listeners.

Interested in a School Presentation at your school?

If you interested in having a Pathways SMIS School Presentation at your school, please email or call us:


January 2021 Update: Given the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak, Pathways has postponed all School Presentations until further notice. We appreciate your shared concern and respect for our current global situation.