Board Member Recruitment

Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society has potential openings on its board of directors and is looking for potential candidates with the following skills:

  • To create corporate partnerships/sponsorships with Pathways
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Financial skills and experience
  • Marketing and fund raising skills

Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society is a non-profit organization providing peer-to-peer support for families struggling to help a loved one suffering from a serious mental illness.   Your contribution can help extend our reach to ease the burden on families.

To apply and to receive a copy of Director’s Responsibilities please provide a covering letter outlining your reasons and goals for wanting to sit on the board and a resume of relevant experience by March 20, 2023, to:

Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society
101-315 West 1st Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 1B5