Pathways SMIS members and friends can look forward to celebrating our society at our annual Circle of Strength fundraiser on Saturday, April 22, 2023. After two years of social shutdown, we are thrilled to invite you all back to help us host this wonderful luncheon event at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral. Join us for a delicious meal and listen to Inspirational guest speakers from our community who will share their stories to help us better understand mental illness.

Circle of Strength dinner table

Host a table

Circle of Strength is an opportunity for you to host a table of eight to ten people. Hosting a table plays a key role at this important fundraising event. 

Your role as a host is to extend invitations to influencers within your community who can give generously or wish to gain a deeper understanding of the stigma and challenges around mental illness. We provide written invitations and emails for you to send to your business contacts, friends and family. Our event coordinator, Elana Andrews, is a wonderful coach and supporter of hosts as they fill their tables.

Help raise awareness and funds

Previously, the Circle of Strength luncheon has been transformational as we continue to raise awareness for mental illness and funds to expand our services to those who need them.

Circle of Strength has been Pathways SMIS’s primary fundraiser for 15 years, raising between $35,000 – $50,000. These funds have made possible the provision of our Family-to-Family Course and our weekly support groups, all at no cost, to those who use and benefit from these services, helping to transform the lives of caregivers of mentally ill loved ones.

As Pathways SMIS navigates the fundraising challenges posed post-COVID-19, we rely on critical and generous donations more than ever to continue to provide support, free of charge, to families and caregivers.

Save the date

Circle of Strength will be held on April 22, 2023. Details to follow.

Other Ways to Give

Other Ways to Get Involved