Pathways provides education on mental illness and mental health to families, students, and the general public.

Our NEW Skills Building Workshops series are designed to be designed to be a short, no-commitment necessary opportunity to understand and develop skills you need to grow and better support yourself, your family, and your loved one with a mental illness with a community of people who share similar experiences.

Our comprehensive Family-to-Family education program, an 8-week course designed for and delivered by family members, is offered twice annually to families, friends and significant others across British Columbia. It is currently running online. Over 30 family members have been trained to co-teach the course and help family members gain the understanding and know-how they need to move forward.

School Presentations, where a person with an illness and a family member, speak to local-area high schools and universities, gives a first-hand perspective of dealing with serious mental illness and helps address discrimination and stigma against those with a mental illness. Our presentations reach over 400 students each year.

Our quarterly Public Education Lecture Series and annual Community Events help shed light on the issues facing families and people with mental illness.