Articles that we believe are important to those with a loved one living with a serious mental illness in British Columbia.

Pathways Media + News Releases

Feb 26, 2024 – Correspondence with the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada re: Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID):

Dec 23, 2023 – VCH Family Connections December 2023 Newsletter – Building Resilience Through Community: Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society, an interview with President Shirley Chan (p.8-9)

February 21, 2021 – CBC News – Car 87 where are you? 

December 3, 2020 – Global Morning News – Month of Giving Back: Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society 

October 16, 2020 – Pathways – Review and Comparison of Main Party-political Platforms Relating to Mental Health and Addictions

June 29, 2020 – CBC Radio – Some parents support involuntary hospitalization for youth who overdose

September 30, 2020 – – Mental health course offers ‘hope out of confusion’ for Tri-City families

May 15, 2019 – – One man’s experience with Cannabis and Psychosis

May 5, 2017 – Radio Broadcast: Going in Circles – A Mental Health Crisis on Campus

April 25, 2013 First Pathways Responsiveness to Families Award to be presented May 3

December 17, 2012 Pathways Announces Responsiveness to Families Award

October 20, 2011 Public event: Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers speaks on the mentally ill in our prisons

September 22, 2011 Living with mental illness and HIV/AIDS

September 21, 2011 Mental Health Commission has become dysfunctional

September 7, 2011 Averting Tragedy: World Suicide Prevention Day 2011

February 17, 2011 Public Event: Homelessness and mental illness

November 18, 2010 Trials of a forensic psychiatrist

August 27, 2010 Vancouver Coastal ignores the mental health act

August 24, 2010 Vancouver Coastal review sidesteps main issue

April 19, 2010 After Her Brain Broke: Helping My Daughter Regain Her Sanity author Susan Inman to speak at Public Education Evening

April 15, 2010 Pathways asks for inquest into Ben Williams case

March 4, 2010 Life and death of Ross Allan and the coroner’s inquest that could change mental health care in BC

November 3, 2009 Addressing metabolic syndrome: physical health for the mentally ill

October 20, 2009 Pathways expands peer support services for families

September 16, 2009 Award winner’s dramatic story featured at Public Education Event

June 29, 2009 Pathways calls on VCH for probe into faulty practices in Vancouver mental health services

News and Current Events

March 18, 2024 Island Health Young Adult Mental Health Unit established at Royal Jubilee Hospital

January 31, 2022 West Van Police Vancouver Coastal Health, North Vancouver RCMP, and West Vancouver Police Department launch Car 22 program

January 20, 2022 BC Gov News New housing model supports people with complex challenges

May 8, 2021 Global News Coquitlam Mayor Renews Calls for More Mental Health Resources

January 26, 2016 Whistler Question How can families cope with mental illness?

January 14, 2016 Tri-City News Mental health support for families

June 25, 2015 Georgia Straight Insight deficit leaves schizophrenia patients (and many doctors) unaware

October 6, 2014 Whistler Question New support group offers families a place to turn

September 17, 2014 Bowen Island Undercurrent Free workshop aims to help families . . .

September 10, 2014 Georgia Straight Education helps families face severe mental-health problems together

January 19, 2014 North Shore News Society offers free family-focussed course

December 13, 2013 North Shore News North Shore needs mobile psych outreach team

May 1, 2013 North Shore News Coming out of the dark at last

February 17, 2013 North Shore News Kudos

February 14, 2013 The Chief Mental health discussion set

December 30, 2012 North Shore News Society launches new mental health award

July 22, 2012 North Shore News Making Strides

July 3, 2011 North Shore News Walk the world

May 8, 2011 North Shore News Society reaches out to families

March 18, 2011 The Chief Early response to mental illness is best

November 18, 2010 North Shore Outlook Mental illness and the justice system

September 10, 2010 Whistler Question Averting Tragedy: World Suicide Prevention Day

August 8, 2010 North Shore News Festive Footsteps

June 24, 2010 North Shore

Outlook Stepping out from the shadows

June 20, 2010 North Shore News Walk the World

April 22, 2010 North Shore Outlook Author talks about daughter’s struggle

March 4, 2010 The Chief Support provided to families

January 7, 2010 North Shore Outlook Not Alone
November 5, 2009 North Shore Outlook Mind and Body

October 30, 2009 The Chief Schizophrenia Society expands into corridor

January 20, 2008 North Shore News Society helping families cope with mental illness

Cannibis + Mental Illness

May 15, 2019 – – One man’s experience with Cannabis and Psychosis

April 2017, Hazelden Betty Ford, Institute for Recovery Advocacy Emerging Trends Report Marijuana White Paper

Advocacy Cases

Paul Boyd
January 17, 2014 Vancouver Sun Letters to the editor, re: Blatchford column
January 2, 2014 National Post Christine Blatchford (Full Comment)
November 20, 2013 Special prosecutor misses the boat on Paul Boyd case
November 2013 Pathways Advocacy Bulletin, Prosecutor’s decision in Boyd case fails test

Ben Williams
January – February 2012 Vancouver Magazine No Asylum
December 7, 2010 Coroner’s Report into the death of John (Ben) Williams
April 15, 2010 Letter to the Chief Coroner of British Columbia
April 15, 2010 Pathways asks for inquest into Ben Williams case

Marek Kwapiszewski
September 13, 2011 CBC News Families slam aging, overcrowded psych ward
August 31, 2010 Vancouver Sun Mental health law needs to be clarified, not changed (editorial)
August 27, 2010 Vancouver Coastal Ignores the Mental Health Act
August 26, 2010 Vancouver Sun Mentally ill man’s suicide drives review of policies
August 24, 2010 Vancouver Coastal Review Sidesteps Main Issue
August 23, 2010 Background information on VCH recommendations
August 23, 2010 VCH recommendations
August 23, 2010 Pathways recommendations
July 22, 2009 North Shore News Mental Health help not always there
July 16, 2009 North Shore Outlook Pathways aims to dispel ‘committal myth’
July 8, 2009 North Shore News NV woman laments mental health support
June 30, 2009 Vancouver Sun Sister tells story of man who jumped to his death
June 29, 2009 Pathways Calls on VCH for probe into faulty practices in Vancouver Mental Health Services 2011 Sept 21 Bulletin news release
June 26, 2009 Submission to VCH Interim President and CEO

General Advocacy

December 3, 2020 TIME100 Talks NAMI CEO Dan Gillison was interviewed about mental health
February 15, 2013 North Shore News Sister of NV man killed by psychotic son
praises bill
May 2, 2012 North Shore News Call for suicide barriers unheeded
April 15, 2012 North Shore News Psychotic breakdowns difficult for police
April 8, 2012 North Shore News Jury’s police training proposal supported
February 2, 2012 Whistler Question Mental Illness is not a joke
September 13, 2011 CBC News B.C. mental health funding frustrates advocates
November 25, 2010 Georgia Straight “Crime and injustice” draws some fiery responses
November 22, 2010 Georgia Straight Mentally Ill are no more violent than the
general population
December 9, 2010 ‘Jumper’ remarks callous (response to Trevor Lautens column, Friday, November 27, 2009)

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