June 2, 2020 – Mental Health Commission of Canada: Catalyst Special Edition – Canada’s minister of health on the challenges of COVID-19

COVID-19 Support for Income & Disability Assistance. Due to COVID-19, new emergency measures are in place to ensure that people on income or disability assistance and low-income seniors, do not encounter additional barriers. [https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/income-assistance/on-assistance/covid]

Self Care and Resilience Guide Created by Mental Health Commission of Canada

COVID-19 and Anxiety Anxiety is a normal reaction to uncertainty and things that may harm us. For many of us, the coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness make for a very uncertain future.

Mental health and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic

Public Hygiene Facilities in the Downtown Area

Community resilience Emergency response centres for people experiencing homelessness (referral only).

Free Online Support Groups

Grocery Stores that deliver to your doorstep on the North Shore

Low Cost Groceries and prepared meals